Problem Statement

Problem Statement Template

Identify the main objective and solution scope
Segment : Strategic Planning

Problem Statement template helps you clearly define and communicate the core problem that needs to be solved at the beginning of a new project. By outlining the introduction and context, primary decision-makers, criteria for success, and scope of the solution, you can set clear expectations and goals for your project. The template also helps you identify potential obstacles and constraints, and provides a list of primary sources of knowledge for reference. Use our template to get your project off to a strong start and increase the chances of success.

Desired outcome

Improved communication: By outlining the key information about the problem, scope, decision makers, and criteria for success, you can ensure that everyone involved in the project has a clear understanding of what needs to be done and why. This can help to reduce misunderstandings and improve overall communication within the team.

Enhanced focus: By defining the scope of the solution and identifying potential obstacles and constraints, you can help to keep the project on track and avoid scope creep. This can help to keep the team focused on the most important tasks and increase the chances of success.

Increased efficiency: By identifying the primary sources of knowledge and decision makers, you can streamline communication and decision-making processes, which can help to save time and increase efficiency.

Better planning: By considering potential obstacles and constraints upfront, you can better plan for the future and mitigate potential risks. This can help to ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget.

How to use this template?

This template consists of 7 segments: Question to be resolved, Context, Stakeholders, Criteria of Success, Scope, Constraints and Key Sources of Insights. Each segment communicates a set of valuable information and provides enough context. A collection of questions inside the template will trigger the right discussion, helping you streamline your efforts and guiding you to your problem statement.

State your objective

Define what needs to be resolved to deliver the impact to the client.

Brief intro

Information about the situation and existing problems. Why is it a problem and who has this problem?

Key people

Who are your primary decision makers? Who are internal/external parties that can support the project?

How would you define a success for this project?

What are the quantitative and qualitative measures to indicate success?

Solution Space

Indicate what will and will not be covered by the solution?

Limits within the Solution Space

What are the technical, financial, organizational constraints?

Who is making this?
Product Manager
Business Analyst
Startup Founder
Target Audience

Product Managers

Consulting Agencies

Software Architects



Setting clear expectations

Improved communication

Enhanced focus

Increased efficiency

Better planning

Problem Statement Worksheet cover slide
How to define a problem statement for your product?
Basic question to be resolved
Problem statement benefits

Problem Statement Template

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