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Product Roadmap Template

Align development plan with product strategy
Segment : Product Planning

This template helps Product Managers create a clear and effective product roadmap that serves as an ultimate communication tool for keeping all stakeholders informed of the product's direction, timelines, and deliverables. The template guides the creation of an outcome-driven roadmap, which provides context for specific items and their prioritization while ensuring the product strategy is communicated and consistently pursued.

Desired outcome

This outcome-based approach focuses on the value delivered with each release, providing clarity for both users and stakeholders. Additionally, by shifting the team's focus from "feature factory" mode to "solution provider" mode, the template helps teams work more efficiently and effectively, providing a clear challenge for them to tackle. Overall, this template improves the overall product development process by providing a clear and effective roadmap for communication and alignment and consequently creates the shortest path towards the goal.

How to use this template?

This template consists of 3 segments: (1) Executive roadmap, (2) Storyboard roadmap, and (3) Engineering roadmap. You will communicate it to multiple groups of people, so you should adjust the content to fit the level of detail needed for the targeted audience. It can be a distilled set of information for a C-level audience, or, on the other side of the spectrum, detailed product roadmap with all the user stories for the engineering team. A collection of questions inside the template will trigger the right discussion, helping you streamline your efforts and guiding you to your product roadmap.

Create a high-level plan

This will align your executive team and anyone who is interested in a very distilled information set. Think of it as a roadmap introduction, to spark curiosity. If someone is interested in more details, they will "double-click" into the next segment - storyboard roadmap.

Outline the most important information

Specify realeases, estimated release date, product outcome, key features and status of the release.

Introduce the narrative flow

The storyboard roadmap is outlining the plan to support the user's journey. It will help you display priorities and define release slices, with clear outcomes.

Add implementation details

The narrative flow will introduce more implementation details and will help you make sure you're covering the entire end-to-end scenario as early as possible, and always keeping your focus on user needs and their objectives.

Break down features into tasks

The engineering roadmap is a full-blown product backlog, with specific tasks and user stories. Each feature from the storyboard roadmap should be broken down into specific tasks. Run a planning session with the engineering team since their knowledge is key here.

Plan couple of iteration ahead

It's recommended to have at least the first two-three releases broken down into tasks. And it's OK to leave the rest in the form of feature, not yet refined. Backlog refinement is a continuous activity, and you will plan ahead as you go.

Who is making this?
Product Manager
Product Owner
Project Manager
Target Audience

Development Team

Business Stakeholders

Company Leadership

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Action plan for product execution

Effective goal communication

Focus on the value delivered

Clarity of product direction

Build excitement and motivation

Product Roadmap presentation cover slide
Three different types of product roadmap
Product roadmap that describes what will be done and when
Multi-level product roadmap

Product Roadmap Template

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