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Sprint Review Template

Focus on outcomes and improve communication
Segment : Development

The sprint review template format is ideal for clearly communicating the work completed so far, with a focus on business outcomes, value added, and achieved milestones. This format can be used at the end of each development iteration, at the end of a sprint, at the end of a quarter, or at any significant milestone that is important to your team and stakeholders. By using this template, you can effectively articulate the value that has been delivered and ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page.

Desired outcome

This can help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that there is a shared understanding of the work that has been done so far. Additionally, using this template can help to identify any areas where additional work may be needed and can facilitate discussions around next steps and future goals. By using this template, you can increase transparency and collaboration within your team and with stakeholders, leading to more successful project outcomes. Furthermore, having the same format will develop clear expectations from the development team with focus on outcomes and value, but also generate valuable insights for stakeholders and marketing team.

How to use this template?

This template consists of 6 segments: Functionality description, Audience, Value Proposition, Use Case, Next Steps and Notes. Each segment communicates a set of valuable information and provides enough context.

Add a name and a short description

Provide some context to your audience, so they can understand what are you talking about.

Add a description of the functionality

What does it do, where to find this feature, how to use it, and what are the benefits.

Persona or user role

Specify the persona, user segment or user role that will benefit from using this funcionality.

Clearly articulate added value

Focus on user's needs and describe how this functionality solves the problem in a unique and efficient way.

Specific user scenario

Provide an example of how a user might utilize this feature in their specific context or situation.

Who is making this?
Product Owner
Scrum Master
Product Manager
Target Audience

Development Team


End Users

Marketing Team


Share progress update

Specify value proposition

Cross team alignment

Collect the feedback

Identify next steps

Sprint Review presentation cover slide
Value proposition for each new feature in your sprint review
Functionality description for your sprint review
What should I include in the sprint review?
What are the benefits of sprint review?

Sprint Review Template

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