User Story Mapping

User Story Mapping Template

Break down requirements and visualize the solution
Segment : Solution Architecture

It is a valuable cross-functional exercise that helps align marketing, engineering, design teams along with other departments. A user story map will help break down the customer journey into bite-size pieces that teams can tackle and ensure nothing gets lost in the process. This tool can be used when you need to transition from high-level product idea into feature details and create an implementation blueprint.

Desired outcome

This tool helps teams effectively visualize and understand the user's journey, identify key activities that lead to the user's end goal, and segment the product into attainable and actionable work items. It also enables teams to prioritize and divide work into iterative releases, ensuring each release provides business value and is an improvement over the previous version. Additionally, it helps teams better understand the bigger picture and make sure not to miss any important parts of the journey. This results in a shared understanding of the product and its development process, and enables teams to make more informed decisions about product development. Overall, this tool improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the product development process.

How to use this template?

This template consists of 4 segments: (1) User's objective, (2) Product Backbone, (3) Tasks and detials and (4) Priorities and release slicing. A collection of questions inside the template will trigger the right discussion, helping you streamline your efforts and guiding you to your product backlog.

Define who is the user

Who are the users and what do they want to achieve?

Outline the steps towards the goal

Map out the big picture and try to focus on getting the whole story. Cover a large set of topics but on a very shallow level.

Start defining the solution

Fill the main part of your story map by breaking down larger user tasks into smaller subtasks and user interface - solution details.

How would you define a success for each release?

Slice out your map into product releases. Make sure that each release delivers value for the user. Aim for specific release outcomes and try to set success metrics.

Who is making this?
Product Manager
Product Owner
Product Designer
Target Audience

Development Team

Software Architects

Project Managers


Break down requirements

Shared understanding

Continuous value delivery

Easier prioritisation

Improved development efficiency

User Story Mapping template cover slide
User Story Mapping template board
Getting the Big picture with user story mapping workshop
How to define a backbone and a narrative in user story mapping?

User Story Mapping Template

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